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An Intro

April 24, 2012

When I made this site, and needed to come up with a title the first thing that popped into my head was Invoking the Muse.  It seems a little silly, and sounds so grand as if I am venturing out on some huge undertaking…

But I’m not.

I am simply a woman who lives in the Midwest, that has been married for almost half of her lifetime, is the proud mother of three children who has a deep need inside to pursue a creative mode of life.

The Muses have fascinated me since I first stumbled upon Greek Mythology in the 3rd grade.  When I go visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, one of the first galleries I need to visit is the one that holds the giant paintings of four of the Muses.

So what am I doing?  I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone. I am writing even though the voice in the back of my head tells me that I’m not good enough, witty enough, smart enough or disciplined enough to do it. I am sharpening my photography skills, because there seems to be some ability there that could possibly be developed further with practice and study.

I do these things because I lose myself.  When I am behind a camera all that exists is what I see and my breathing. Every care lifts, all worries are gone, there is just the pursuit of beauty. When I write I am able to leave cares behind and enter a new world with imaginary people sorting out life’s problems, and I can set my own on a shelf for me to pick up later.

The Muses are invoked because I need them.


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  1. You’ve faced your fear & persevered… The # 1 hurdle to overcome on your path to success. You only fail when you quit. Success is not counted by the number of times you’ve failed, only the number of times you’ve succeeded. So knock fear to the curb, keep on pursueing your passions, and before you know it, the successes will start to pile up!

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