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Holding on to Dead Things

June 5, 2012

This past weekend I took my boys to an antique shop. We love looking at old, used things and sometimes find something unique enough to buy. This was one of those trips.  As we perused the shop my oldest son called out to me “Mom, HOW did you miss this?” By his tone I could tell he found something truly curious.  I walked back and he was holding a preserved shark. Naturally, we needed to buy it.  The boys said they would share it and would take turns having it stay in their rooms. Currently, it is on our mantle in the living room because both of them are too freaked out to sleep in the same room as it.

It is disgusting, yet fascinating all sealed up in a glass jar with a cork bottom.

Today, I drove past a church sign that said “God brings storms into our lives to knock down the dead branches we hold on to”.  I tend to find church signs a bit corny, but this one stood out.  I think because the past couple years of my life have been rather stormy.  Along with the storms that have passed through, I have also had a tremendous time of personal growth, and at times  felt like I was  stripped to the core.  Many “dead branches” have been felled.

The useless parts of ourselves, the things we hold on to past their time…they are the things that hold us back from becoming who we are meant to be.  They are comfortable parts, to be sure, but comfortable is not always the best thing.  It is good to have them stripped away, because it is then that a person can truly see who they are, get a sense of what they can accomplish and the courage to push forward and do it.

Look within and find those dead things. Figure out how to unload them as quickly as possible. The clarity that follows, even though the stripping away may be painful, will be so worthwhile.


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  1. I am totally grossed out by this shark but fascinated too!

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