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The Battle of the Weather. Written by my eight year old daughter

June 6, 2012

Storm rolling in. Autumn 2011

BOOM, CRACKLE, POP! went the roaring loud thunder yelling at

The bright blinding yellow lightning

flash flash flash yelled the lightning back

Then the raindrops fell down one by one

Plop by plop

and said “Freedom is here!” but….

AAAARRRROOOOO yelled the dogs

AAAAARRRROOOO they whimpered again

The dark clouds watched while they poured down the talking rain

Then the sun joined the fight

and won.

The raindrops yelled once more “The sun is here now. Freedom is nowhere, for us at least”

“Goodbye” yelled the sun to the dried up raindrops.

“Did you have a nice drip?’




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